BWT 104

BWT 104


Produces high quality air flow with very low turbulence intensity
Makes an ideal test vehicle for heat sink and component thermal characterization
Convenient front access door allows rapid changing of test specimen
Features a variable speed fan control for simulating different air flow conditions
The BWT-104WA is a research quality, open loop, benchtop wind tunnel for thermal characterization of components, circuit boards and cooling devices such as heat sinks, heat exchangers and cold plates. The polynomial shape and internal flow management system includes honeycombs and screens to breakup turbulence and provides uniform, homogeneous flow, up to 4 m/s (800 ft/min) within the test section.

The BWT-104WA has 12 ports which allow a variety of probes, such as thermocouples, Pitot tubes,and temperature and velocity sensors, among others, to be inserted throughout the test section. The windtunnel is made from aluminum and Plexiglas® and, provides a clear view of the test section for flow visualization. An access panel is conveniently located for mounting boards and, optional internal rail guides allow for simple installation of PCBs and heat sinks.The BWT-104WA weighs only 14.5 kilograms (32 lbs.) and has the ability to operate on any axis, making it ideal for laboratory environments.

Each BWT-104WA fan tray is equipped with three 24-volt DC fans, which can be individually switched on and off, with an included control unit, to generate airflow. It is also available with ATS’ WTC-100 Wind Tunnel Controller, which helps automate thermal characterization, as an optional accessory. ATS also carries a full line of temperature, flow and pressure sensors and scanners that are designed for use with the BWT-104WA.

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