ATVS 2020

ATVS 2020

ATVS2020 temperature/ velocity scanner 8-32 channels

  • Portable anemometer simplifies temperature and air velocity measurement
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous air/velocity sensors
  • Requires a PC to operate and is compatible via an RS-232 port



The ATVS-2020 Automatic Temperature & Velocity Scanner is a patented, multi-channel hot wire anemometer system for single or multi-point measuring of air temperature and velocity. Each sensor measures both temperature and velocity, which eliminates errors introduced as a result of the flow being non-isothermal. The unique, patented sensors are designed to be flexible, robust and low profile to minimize flow disturbance. They can be easily placed anywhere in the test domain.

The ATVS-2020 is a scientific instrument. Great care is taken in the calibration process of each sensor. The system can accommodate up to 32 channels (sensors) for easy and accurate mapping of the velocity and temperature fields of the test domain.
The ATVS-2020 is a portable system that can handle a variety of thermal measurement tasks. It requires a PC for operation and uses the stageVIEW software for data acquisition and reporting.
Temperature Range: -30°C to 150°C (±1°C)

Velocity Range: 0-51 m/s (± 2%)

Depth: 27.9 cm

Width: 34.3 cm

Height: 13.5 cm

Weight: 5 kg

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